Local and National News from Radio Pattaya

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What makes the  news on all the Radio Pattaya Stations different?


With numerous fresh sources of news from Thailand and Pattaya we select those stories of interest to foreigners either living or visiting in Thailand.


If its the daily motorbike accidents you want, well we probably are not for you, as we concentrate on the serious and the quirky side of life here (and daily motorbike accidents, along with photos of the gore and grim  attached to them are hardly news but an excuse to fill your news bulletin with  ”same same” with no effort).

Instead, Radio Pattaya sources  from 8 different international and local news feeds,   throughout the day, to bring you news from the whole of the nation of Thailand.


With our home city being Pattaya, of course, we bring you local news too .  Our team doesnt just rely on the standard stock photos and reports sent to all news sources, instead we really pull out all the stops to confirm, research and report in an accurate and up to date manner wherever possible, making us THE reliable source for news, from Thailand, in the  English language


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