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Why Does Radio Pattaya sound so good on your phone with the Radio Pattaya App?

Why Does Radio Pattaya sound so good on your phone with the Radio Pattaya App?

Well it certainly isn’t because of the bandwidth or the bitrate.   With phones using the internet around the world and the variation is the quality of internet service in different countries, we knew right from the start that Radio Pattaya couldn’t be designed to eat up your internet as it would cost some listeners a fortune and be just another app that cuts out all the time.

Radio Pattaya worked for 3 months with International Sound Processing Developers who produce sound processors for some of the world’s major radio stations.   They chose Radio Pattaya as their “guinea pigs” in the development of a brand new processing system which they plan to release for sale in the new year.

Using this processing on each of our stations, Pattaya Radio is able to deliver top quality, crystal clear,  sound without eating up your broadband or Wifi.


We hope you Enjoy and notice the difference at Radio Pattaya

Radio Pattaya Listener Comments

Wow, Radio Pattaya has certainly got some comments and suggestions since we launched here.  and we appreciate them as we want Radio Pattaya to be the very best way to keep in touch with Thailand and our city

In a few days we will post V2, which has some changes you recommended we install

1.. the station will then continue to play in the Phone app, after you screen goes to sleep ( darkens).  At the moment there is an issue that you borught to our attention, its being resolved :)

2.Radio Pattaya should play happily when you use other features on your phone, unless of course you turn it off.  That too is being fixed in version 2.


We will of course let you know once V2 is released and the boys in the back room are working on it right now.  Meanwhile, Thanks for enjoying the RadioPattaya App,


Tommy and the Team at 103Fm


Radio Pattaya 6 stations in 1 free App

Radio Pattaya, the app that gives you 6 radio stations on your phone now has international news updated every hour.

In the first 24 hours of launching Radio Pattaya we are getting fabulous feedback from you, (thanks)  all suggestions are welcome, via the messaging box on our front page and much of what you have suggested will be implemented  soon.

The Iphone version of  Radio Pattaya will be available within a week, sorry for the delay but it has to be approved by apple as suitable for your phone and that takes time ;)


Radio Pattaya Online

Well its happened.

Just a few months ago Radio Pattaya was a concept.  we had to overcome numerous problems, as we didnt just want “another average phone app”

First we had to find out what type of music YOU wanted. then we had to figure out a way to transmit it via the internet and phone in top quality sound

We think we are almost there, but, its for YOU to decide.  Nothing is perfect from day one and its only a fool that thinks he can always get it right.

Radio  Pattaya   is YOUR access to the city, from wherever you go in the world and we want to know what YOU think and how we can improve Radio Pattaya to make it everything you want.


Making your phone into a Radio.. cool huh :)




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