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All of the Radio Pattaya Stations get the the latest local and national News from Thailand and of course Pattaya from the home website of Fabulous 103Fm, Pattaya’s favourite radio stations

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News Flashes and Updates from Bangkok


For full updates of news, in English as it arrives here at Radio Pattaya, click the link below  Including news from Sunday December 1 and full updates

Currently Non Thais are advised to avoid the Bangkok Capital as troubles there escalate



Local and National News from Radio Pattaya

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to hear a sample from the Radio Pattaya Local and National News.  latest stories of importance or interest to visitors and ex pats in Thailand


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We Are Back In Pattaya and around the world

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Well its been a long haul, and the support and help has been tremendous, finally, at 7 in the evening Tuesday, we went back on air as Fabulous 103 Fm joined the rest of the Radio Pattaya Lineup  again.

The Power spike during a storm over the weekend has put paid to our main transmitter and we are running on our backup unit,   and with an awful lot of help, we went back on the radio airwaves.

Great signal, great station and, once again, live from Pattaya.. Fabulous 103 Fm

Off Air Due to Storms in Pattaya

The recent series of storms over Pattaya have been less than kind to us at Fabulous 103 Fm and, as a result of a power spike, we lost transmission on Saturday morning.

The computers have almost been recovered and rebuilt now and, we hope, we will be back on air on Wednesday after technicians have been able to replace the transmitter which took a big hit.

Thank you for the many emails and phone calls we have received we truly appreciate them and will do our level best to be back on the “hairwaves” as soon as possible The 103 team

Local and National News from Radio Pattaya

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What makes the  news on all the Radio Pattaya Stations different?


With numerous fresh sources of news from Thailand and Pattaya we select those stories of interest to foreigners either living or visiting in Thailand.


If its the daily motorbike accidents you want, well we probably are not for you, as we concentrate on the serious and the quirky side of life here (and daily motorbike accidents, along with photos of the gore and grim  attached to them are hardly news but an excuse to fill your news bulletin with  ”same same” with no effort).

Instead, Radio Pattaya sources  from 8 different international and local news feeds,   throughout the day, to bring you news from the whole of the nation of Thailand.


With our home city being Pattaya, of course, we bring you local news too .  Our team doesnt just rely on the standard stock photos and reports sent to all news sources, instead we really pull out all the stops to confirm, research and report in an accurate and up to date manner wherever possible, making us THE reliable source for news, from Thailand, in the  English language


VISIT Fabulous 103 for samples of our news, which really IS news


IPhone App Approved and Released

Those nice people at Apple Corp. have approved the IPhone Ipad  version of Radio Pattaya and its now in their store.


Apple is very strict in its approvals and so has taken some time to let us release the app, but its out now, and a big thanks to them for their support.

On the home page here, please click the link and you will be taken to the Apple store and the download, giving you the Free RadioPattaya App to take with you, where ever you go in the world


Radio Pattaya  turning  your Phone into a Radio


News Coverage from Asia Radio Today

courtesy of Radio Asia ( see link below)

Six station app brings Thai city of Pattaya closer

September 17, 2013

radiopattayaRadio Pattaya, based in the Thai beach resort of Pattaya, has launched a new six-station mobile app.

The company, which broadcasts to the city as Fabulous 103FM, has designed brand new online only stations for the project.

As well as Fabulous 103FM, the other channels are: Pattaya Radio 1 which plays today’s hits,  Radio 2 playing an 80s and 90s mix, Retro Radio for 60s and 70s lovers and Pattaya Love for a mix of contemporary romantic music.

Another Pattaya-based station Mix 88.5 has also been added to the app.

The android version is already available from Google and the iPhone version is expected to be released within a week.

Station Manager Tommy Dee told Asia Radio Today that they’ve spent a lot of time tweaking the sound quality of the app: “The sound is processed using an exclusive sound processing system designed to enhance the sound quality on low bandwidth transmissions and remove over-processing and distortion, which exists in much of the music of today, leaving it crystal clear to the ear.”

Pattaya is home to a large expatriate population from around the world, especially Europe, Australasia and North America.

But government regulations mean stations like Fabulous 103FM must operate on low power.

The station says that as more and more people listen via mobile and online, the app was “a logical step forward”.


courtesy of Asia Radio Today.. www.

IPhone Owners outraged

So many messages from IPhone owners about the Radio Pattaya phone ap.  and yes, the link still doesnt work.

The guys at Apple take extra time to make sure that phone apps for Apple are 100% acceptable and Radio Pattaya is in the queue.

As soon as they say YES, we will be the first to let you all know

Radio Pattaya Phone App Update

Great News here are Radio Pattaya, as the phone app was updated to take care of those issues raised by you, our listeners.

Thanks so much for your support of Radio Pattaya.  As a result all the minor issues have been “fixed’  by the “clever people who can”.


  1. The Radio Pattaya App now continues to work perfectly even when your screen goes “to sleep”
  2. The Radio Pattaya App now runs happily even when you go to other features on your phone


A big THANK YOU to all who let us know what they think of the RadioPattaya App,   Please keep in touch with us via the home page link on the website here.