Welcome to Radio Pattaya

Now You can Take Pattaya Radio with you, where ever you go in the world.

How Do You Get Radio Pattaya on Your Phone?

( its So Easy ! )


At the top of this page are two different links All you need to do is choose the link that matches your phone.

Choose the link which is best suited to Your Phone  So if your phone is an IPhone, that will be the App  Store..And if not.. then it’s the Google Play Store for you

You can download Radio Pattaya to your PC or Laptop and transfer to your phone , but much better is to open up the web browser in your phone .

Open it at www.radiopattaya.com and click the download link from there.  That will automatically install the app in in your phone and give you all the details  you need to listen to the Many Stations on Radio Pattaya… anywhere in the world..

See.. We said it was easy  (and of course its free)

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